Company Profile

NIPPON PILLAR CORPORATION OF AMERICA (NPCA) was established in July 1999 in Tustin, CA as a subsidiary of NIPPON PILLAR PACKING CO., LTD (NPPC), Osaka, Japan. Since developing the world’s first semi-metallic cylindrical packing for steamboats in 1924, NPPC has been a leading company in the Asian seal industry for over 80 years. Through the years, our products have expanded from gland packing for ships to gaskets, mechanical seals and to fluroresin products utilized in semiconductor manufacturing products along with the changing times. NIPPON PILLAR is proud to contribute to environmental protection through our sealing technology. The origin of the company name comes from the fact that our “Patented Pillar Packing No.1″ developed in 1924 was pillar-shaped.

Mission Statement


NIPPON PILLAR CORPORATION OF AMERICA pledges to devote its accumulated wisdom and strength to build an organization that is known for excellence and for being reliable and dependable, attractive and innovative, challenging and energetic, and contributing to the global community.

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