Emission Defence Packing


  • High Sealability achieves minimum leakage
  • Low sliding friction
  • Low stress relaxation
  • Less changes in characteristics against heat cycle
  • Setting in without using special jigs
  • Less necessary to retighten

“P/#6617+P/#6710″ is one of the EDP® packing series with the best sealing properties which has been contributing to establish the low-emission world.
Among the EDP® series, this packing has the highest gas sealability and is called “Fugitive Emission packing”.


Temperature Pressure pH Application
(-200 ~+600℃)* 43.1 MPa
(ASME class 2500)
ASME class 2500
0 ~14 1)Refinery, Petro-Chemical
4)Power plant, e.t.c.

Middle Ring P/#6617

Each middle ring has two lids on its top and bottom surface.
These lids prevent permeation leakage.

End Ring P/#6710

Our end ring is made of a high grade flexible graphite called “PILLARFOIL®”.
The “PILLARFOIL®” is external-reinforced by Inconel® wire mesh.  As it is knitted, the packing is highly flexible and has excellent mechanical strength properties.
This product doesn’t generate graphite crumbs much and not become spongy body inside. Therefore, our packing has good keeping in quality and will be good partner for your maintenance.