Fluid Handling Products / Semiconductor Products

Browse through various Fluororesin Fittings offered by Pillar for semiconductor production. Available in all standard fittings types, including adaptors and custom configurations at your request. Quoted the most reliable in the world, Pillar fittings are ideal for high-temperature, high-purity applications while maintaining long lifetime and unparalleled safety by minimizing leakage.

Gland Packing / Gaskets

As the first product introduced by Nippon Pillar in 1924 (World’s first semi-metallic cylindrical packing for steamboats), gland packing are an integral part of our business. Years of research and development has allowed Pillar packing to expand into industrial valves and our eco-friendly packing adheres to the demanding regulations set forth by the FDA, EPA and other governing agencies.

Mechanical Seals

Pillar mechanical seals are currently all retrofits for aftermarket sales.